Valentine's and St. Patrick's Group Piano Lesson Plans  

Your students will love these fun holiday group piano lesson plans that are designed especially for first-year beginner kids. 

Includes one Valentine's Day lesson and one St. Patrick's Day lesson. Each lesson plan has games, sheet music, and everything you need to make your lessons fun and memorable.  

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You get one fun Valentine's Day lesson and one St. Patrick's Day lesson Here's what each plan includes

Teacher Lesson Plan

The plan contains detailed instructions for the teacher and tells you exactly what to do to give your students a fun and memorable holiday group piano lesson. 


2 Holiday Theory Games per Lesson

The Valentine's Day lesson contains these games:

  • Chocolate Valentines Race (helps students develop rapid playing of the correct piano key)
  • Valentine’s Rhythm Rocket (for learning & practicing rhythm note names and values)

The St. Patrick's Day lesson contains these games:

  • Catch a Leprechaun (another high-energy student favorite! For learning & practicing rhythm note values)  
  • Pot of Gold (for learning & practicing note names)

2 Holiday Pieces per Lesson 

It can be hard to find fun Valentine's and St. Patrick's sheet music for beginner students that uses the notes they've been learning.

No worries! I've got you covered with original holiday pieces, designed especially for beginners in a group. 

The Valentine's Day lesson contains these songs: 

  • Make a Valentine (uses only treble middle C-G)
  • Happy Valentine’s Day (uses only treble middle C, D, E and bass midde C, A, B, hands separate). A fun interactive song where kids get to use a simple prop!

The St. Patrick's Day lesson contains these songs:

  • Leprechauns Are Sneaky (uses only bass midde C, A, B). Another fun interactive song--kids get to tiptoe and stomp their feet!
  • Wear Green! (right hand plays only treble middle C-G). This song also teaches kids how to play a super easy “pinch chord” with the left hand. Kids love it!

Each piece has large, easy to read notes, lyrics, and fun graphics.


1 Holiday Ear Training Activity per Lesson

The Valentine's Day lesson contains:

  • Cupid’s Arrow (helps kids identify the direction of a series of notes)

The St. Patrick's Day lesson contains:  

  • Up or Down the Rainbow (a beginner melodic dictation game)  

1 Holiday Creative Piano Playing Activity per Lesson

As you know, I am BIG on teaching students how to play the piano creatively. The students love it, and it’s so rewarding for me as a teacher! And even first year beginners can start learning creative piano playing skills. The Valentine's Day lesson has a beginner piano composition activity. Your students will get to compose their own melody for a fun Valentine's song. The lyrics are already printed on the activity sheet, along with colorful graphics.  


Playing from a chord chart is such a fun and easy way for students to learn to pay their favorite songs.  

The St. Patrick's Day lesson has a super fun, simple chord song for brand new beginners about shamrocks. It uses only a simplified C chord an a simplified G chord, and your students will be able to learn it quickly. 

The teacher lesson plans will guide you in teaching both the chord chart and the composition activity. You'll love seeing how fun it is to teach creative piano playing to beginners!  

Holiday Theory Worksheet 

Each lesson has a fun holiday theory workheet that gives your students practice with beginner concepts. 

You get a colored version and a black and white version so that you can choose which version you'd like to print for your students. 


"Power" Practice Assignment Sheet

I know kids well--without written instructions, most will never remember what they're supposed to practice at home.

So I did all the work for you to create a Practice Assignment Sheet so that your students can practice the fun holiday pieces they learned in class.

What makes this Practice Assignment Sheet so powerful? 

In addition to listing which pieces to practice, it's got detailed practice instructions that follow a proven formula. 

It's also got a practice log, so that right there next to their assignment kids can record their at-home practice efforts.  

If you want, you can ask kids to bring their completed practice log to the next lesson to earn points or a treat.  

Studio License 

Included with your purchase is a studio license so that you can teach these fun Valentine's and St. Patrick's group piano lessons to an unlimited number of students within your studio throughout your lifetime.

The entire bundle is digital so that you get immediate access, and so that you can print as many copies of the materials as you need. 

Make the Spring Holidays Fun for Your Piano Students

Childhood holidays are a time for celebrating and creating memories. Your students will love that you’re bringing some Valentine's and St. Patrick's fun to your studio with these special group lesson plans and fun seasonal activities.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How many Group Lesson Plans do I get?

A: Two total--one for Valentine's Day and one for St. Patrick's Day. See above to learn what materials are included in each lesson plan.

Q: How are the lesson plans accessed?

A: The lesson plans are accessed digitally. After your purchase, you will be able to log in and access the lesson plans and print the teaching materials.

Q: What ages are the Valentine's and St. Patrick's Group Lesson Plans designed for?  

A: First year beginner kids ages 5-8.

Q: How long is each lesson?

A: There is more than enough material to fill a one hour group lesson. I wanted you to have plenty of material so that you wouldn't be left hanging. Different teachers will progress through the activities at different paces, depending on the number of students in their class, the attention span of their students, and many other factors. Feel free to select the activities that are the best fit for your students. During class, pay attention to your students’ cues to know when to move on to the next activity.  

Q: How do I fit these lessons into my regular curriculum?  

A: To use a holiday lesson plan, simply pause your regular curriculum for a week and insert the holiday lesson plan. Then afterwards pick up where you left off with your regular curriculum. Your students will love that you made time for some holiday fun!

Q: I don't currently teach group piano lessons, but I'd like to try it out. Can I use these holiay lessons to do so?  

A: If you don't currently teach group lessons, now's the perfect time to invite all your beginner students to come to a fun group lesson Valentine's or St. Patrick's Party! You'll be giving your students a fun exprience and you'll get to "test the waters" of group teaching.

The only part of lesson plan that you'd need to modify is the "on the bench" time if you don't have multiple pianos or keyboards. If you only have one piano, you can invite multiple students at a time to play the piece on different octaves.

But as for the rest of the lesson, you're good to go! Your students will love getting to learn music and play games with friends. And you'll appreciate that you get to experiment with what it’s like to teach group piano lessons--without making a commitment until after you see how you like it.